Visiting a Friend

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I’d been looking for a reason to visit a friend who relocated to Bloomington, Indiana. Bloomington is home to Indiana University and located about an hour south of Indianapolis. Visiting in passing during my undergraduate time in Indianapolis, I never really explored the area.

In debating the best time to visit, I saw a show in Indy that I would love to see – one of my current bands on repeat is Joseph, a sister trio with the most soothing harmonies and the most beautiful lyrics; they were playing at the Vogue in Broad Ripple not far from Butler. After a quick text confirming my friend was a) in town that weekend and b) interested in picking me up from the airport and housing me for a few days, I booked my flights to the Midwest.

(Hot tip: Surround yourself with friends who will not only go see your favorite band with you, but who will also listen to their music in the months beforehand to sing along with you at their concert.)

I had grand plans to fully explore the city of Bloomington and see all the sights. I did my research and complied a list. (Spoiler alert: Bloomington is pretty small and the list was pretty short.)

Despite my preparations, we spent most of the time hanging out and catching up. We did go for a wander of IU’s campus and we did find a couple of murals in Downton Bloomington, but it was mostly a trip to say hi.

Joseph was an amazing concert, the weather was wonderful, I took time off of work, and I ate both Kilroy’s breadsticks and Hotbox breadsticks. Not a bad weekend if I do say so myself…

One of my yearly resolutions was to visit friends who moved to new cities – maybe this is the catalyst for me to make a couple more trips (New York or New Orleans next maybe?).