Huntley Meadows

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I follow a former professor of mine who posts pictures and videos from her hikes, providing a “soothe” to those who weren’t able to get out into nature like she was. The videos are often of flowing streams or leaves blowing in the wind. The pictures are usually of mountain tops and tree-lined paths. And with everything happening in the world, sometimes the soothe is just what is needed.

This weekend, while visiting my parents, my mom and I took a walk at Huntley Meadows. Despite being relatively close to Route One, once you’re in the woods, the sounds and smells disappear for a while. It was a sunny weekend day, so it was relatively busy, but never got overly crowded. It is kind of nice to wander past older folks going for a walk and young families exploring the boardwalk and birders with cameras the size of a small child. (Everyone wore a mask.)

Huntley Meadows is home to many a bug, a bird, and creature. Our walk was spent with our noses turned down searching amongst the marshlands for a frog or a turtle, before quickly looking up to try and spot an egret or an osprey.

The weather has gotten a little chilly around here, so an afternoon spent searching for sunshine and friendly little creatures was a much needed soothe.