September Stress


With summer ending, I’m officially into my law school application season. This of course means that I am just a little (read: a lot) stressed out. And I’m not handling it the best. This is to be expected, but still isn’t fun.

Two weeks ago, I commandeered my childhood bedroom to take the LSAT Flex exam. Because of the global pandemic, the LSAT has moved online and has a shortened version. Based on my attention span, I’m hoping that the shortened version will benefit me, but we shall see. I am currently in the middle of waiting for score release which won’t happen for another week. I don’t know what my score will be and I don’t want to narrow down my school list until I know whether I am happy with my score or whether I will be studying for the LSAT again and taking it in November. Not ideal, but if necessary, doable.

Which means I get to do the worst possible thing when I’m stressed: wait.

In the meantime, I’m taking advantage of the time I’m not spending studying by prepping everything else I’ll need for applications. I finished up my resume; I am drafting my personal statement; I’m collecting my letters of recommendation; I’m submitting my transcripts. So I’m spending a lot of time doing things that make me uncomfortable – asking for praise and talking myself up. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone quite a bit.

With all this, DC has been floating between really gorgeous weather (that gave me one heck of a sunburn) and really gross rainy weather. The flip flopping hasn’t helped with my mood.

So I’m giving myself a little bit of a mental break. Less social media, more books. Less worrying about everything that needs to be done for my applications, more simple tasks. I spent Labor Day weekend chilling at my parents’ and avoiding adulting. And it worked. I came away much more relaxed, but my to-do list is still long.

So we’re diving back in, one step at a time. My next big task is to take the LSAT writing portion (now online proctored), which shouldn’t be too bad. But I need to just do it.

I just keep telling myself this will all be over by December. Fingers crossed.