The Email That Started It All

This is the email that started it all. I was a quarter of the way through a two-week adventure and wanted to convince my parents that I was, in fact, alive. It was written on a bus on a phone. (It should be noted that despite telling them I would be sending them pictures, I hit send and then realized I had attached a total of zero photos.)
This is the email that started it all. After sending this quick note, I decided to start writing what I was thinking about my travels and my adventures to an audience wider than my parents and whoever they might choose to forward my email to. It was not the first time I wrote them an email summarizing my travels, but it was the time that convinced me to be a proper millennial and start a blog.
This is the email that started it all and this time I remembered to add the photos:
Good afternoon !
We’re heading off to Ljubljana now from Venice and I figured I would use the bus ride to send y’all some pictures.
I could have taken photos if every crevice of that place. It’s such an interesting architectural marvel. The alley ways were so light but then they would open up to a massive courtyard. There is something so lovely about northern Italian courtyards with the houses all looking down on them. We only had a day and a half so we didn’t spend it standing in lines for the Doges Palace or St Marks Basilica. We wandered about and, Mom, you would have died at the gorgeous random churches we would find. They were stunning and massive and had their own flair and style. The city fills up during the day in such an overwhelming way (and it’s not even peak season) but we loved wandering around at night and getting lost in the alleys and canals. We got off the main island to go see Murano, which is where the glass blowers all work. Some of the artwork was stunning, some not so much.
Due to the canals and the steps and the winding roads, bikes are not common, but Venice does have a bike share program, worry not, John. [edit: my father rides bikes regularly. this note was for him.]
unnamed (1)
I’d love to go back and just get lost for days but unfortunately it’s time to move on to cheaper cities. We’re heading to Slovenia now. We’ll stay the night in Ljubljana before going to Bled. We’ve been lucky with weather but after cold, dreary London, anything is good weather.
Love you and I’m sure I’ll update you in a few days!
Ciao, ciao!