Happy Places


I recently read a blog about places that make you happy. I could name a thousand times I smiled on a trip or places that took my breath away, but there’s those comforting spots that you always return to – those spots where you’re most at peace.

If we’re honest, I’ll always include my parents’ couch on this list. Even if it’s just for a moment, there’s something very calming about being sucked into a recliner with a blanket over my lap while I hear my parents go about their daily lives.

I also think about the top of Primrose Hill in London as one of those spots. Especially early morning or as the sun is setting, there’s something about being so close yet so far from everything and everyone. After I’ve managed to catch my breath from the hike up (it’s really not that high, I’m just lazy), there’s a peace there that I haven’t found in many other places.

I recently visited where my grandma grew up in West Virginia – there was no cell service, minimal noise, no light pollution, and just a slight chance of a bear wandering down the mountain to say hello. We paused one night and looked up at the stars. That’s one thing you don’t get in the city – stars.

In reflection, maybe I’m just chasing the stars that hung above my parents home when I was a child – like the stars above West Virginia or lining the sky over Uluru in Australia or imitated by the thousands of sparkling lights in London.

Maybe under the stars, I feel myself at peace. And happy.

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