Seasonal Transitions


We’re at that strange point of the year where we’ve had one or two cool days and all of a sudden every bone in my body is ready for winter. And when I saw cool, I mean not a thousand degrees out and humid.

Maybe it was the first load of Halloween candy displayed at the beginning of September but I’m fully in an autumn mindset.

I’m dreaming of crunching fallen leaves beneath my feet and wearing a scarf everyday. I’m thinking about road trips to see the leaves change colors and switching out my summer clothes for warmer sweaters and tights. I’m looking forward to hands wrapped around cups of tea and that tingle that comes from being hit by a brisk wind.

I am officially over sweating and tourist season and sunburns.

So everyone grab a cozy sweater, light a candle, and lets all pretend it won’t be 90 on Sunday.

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