A Yearly Tradition


It was recently my 24th birthday (I do accept gifts in the form of job offers and free flights across the Atlantic…) and I remembered a conversation I had with a group of friends a few years ago on my birthday.

We were drinking margaritas and eating endless chips and salsa on a sunny spring day in Indianapolis when one of my good friends asked me to name five goals for my next year of life. I came up with goals relatively easy then: graduate in just a few weeks, move to a different country, travel to a few more countries, read some books, etc. (If we’re honest, the next day another friend asked what my goals were and we could blame the margs or the stress of exams or what have you, but we honestly couldn’t come up with what five goals I had named the day before… start each year with a fresh start?)

So I went through the year trying to hit these goals. I graduated, moved to London, started a Master’s degree, traveled the country and Europe. Who knows if I managed to meet my five goals? But by my birthday celebrations in Montenegro, I was ready to challenge myself to another set of goals.Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 3.17.06 PM

I made the rookie mistake both years of not writing my goals down. So this year I am rectifying that by leaving my five goals here for all to see.

Goal #1: Get a Job

Goal #2: Run a Mile

Goal #3: Take the LSAT

Goal #4: Visit Friends Living in New Cities

Goal #5: Repierce Lost Piercings

Here’s to hoping I have better luck remembering these in a year’s time than my past attempts.

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